What is Noun

The Noun is a word that indicates any type of name, like car, house, shop, hotel, Stone, Sky, fan, apple, or water, in this world everything has a name the name is called the Noun. I wanna tell you some examples of Nouns or names, the bottle is a noun, the road is a noun, the phone is a noun, the door, the sun, the moon, the ice, and even you and me are also a noun. Noun are the name of any particular thing in this world and whatever we see around us every single day is called Noun. Some main points to easily understand Nouns, The Noun is the name of any placed object or anything that you see around you, Noun has some shape and size, It could be anything that exists in this world or out of this world. like the Sun and stars also examples of Nouns.

The main point of the Noun

  • The Noun is a word that denoted a person
  • Any living things, I, Me, You, parents, living place, Home, or idea, Road, Car, Cycle, Police, Mountain, Delhi, America Continents, Airplane, Air-Conditioner, Boat, River.
  • Everything that you see around you is Noun.
  • Examples of nouns Mother, Bus, River, City, Radio, Patato, and the above examples are given in the second row is called noun.

What is Singular Noun

You guys definitely heard in your classes or earlier classes Singular Noun. Do you ever think about what is it, if you have read somewhere in a book or you have forgotten and try to figure out what is it. Singular noun basically a word that indicates only one person or living thing. Like, mother, girl, pen, Book, Hand, TV, School, Hand, Road, Car, Cycle, Bus, City, These are examples of Nouns.

What is Singular Noun with example

Singular Nouns only refer to one person, place, or any idea. It basically refers to only one thing. Teacher, Bus, School, Boy, Girl, City, Computer, Laptop, and Phone are examples of Singular Noun.

What is Noun

What is Plural Noun

See, My friends it is very simple to understand plural Nouns. You just have to apply a little mind. We have studies about examples that what is singular Nouns such as Car, Teacher, Bus, Girl, School, Computer, and Body example of singular Noun But Plural Nouns Are example are such as Cars, Teachers, Buses, Girls, Schools, Computers, and bodies are examples of Plural Noun

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