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There are a total of eight types of Nouns in Grammer but have you ever thought, do I really need to know about Nouns The answer is yes. Think about Love which is a Noun, but love which type of Noun. You Guys know the definition of a Noun Everything that you see around you is called a Noun even if you’re reading this paragraph help of some Gadgets, the Gadgets are also a noun. But here is the question love is which type of Noun I know you can’t tell now but you know very well Love is a Noun. I want to tell you guys to answer my question about love and which types of Nouns The Answer is love is an Abstract Noun because we can’t see love only we can feel it so this is an abstract noun and that’s why you guys need to know about nouns. How many types of nouns, There are a total of eight types of nouns, Common Noun, Abstract Noun, Proper Noun, Concrete Noun, Compound Noun, Collective Noun, Countable Noun, And Uncountable Nouns. I am also giving it line by line see below.

  • Compound Noun
  • Collective Noun
  • Proper Noun
  • Concrete Noun
  • Countable Noun
  • Uncountable Noun
  • Abstract Noun
  • Common Noun

How many types of Noun

How many types of Noun in grammar:- There are a total 8 types of Noun in grammar that is used for different, different aspect of life. The eight types of Nouns are. Compound Noun, Collective Noun, Proper Noun, Concrete Noun, Countable Noun, Uncountable Noun, Abstract Noun, Common Noun. This Noun Has meaning and purpose in life. So 8 types of Nouns in English are given below with examples.

What is noun in English

What is a noun in English:- A noun is a part of English grammar. If you want to learn or write English Without grammatical mistakes it is a very essential part of English.

What is Noun Definition

Noun Definition:- Noun is the name of any word that you see around you, such as Apple is a Noun, Water is a noun and car is a noun, And all the things that you see around you with your eyes even right now you are reading on screen and screen is also Noun.

Types of Noun with example

  • Compound Noun
  • Collective Noun
  • Proper Noun
  • Concrete Noun
  • Countable Noun
  • Uncountable Noun
  • Abstract Noun
  • Common Noun

What is Compound Noun

Compound Noun:- Compound Nouns are formed from two or more words. It is a combination of two or more words, for example. breakfast Boyfriend, Seafood, Girlfriend, Toothpaste, and airline words are examples of compound Nouns. In these words, you have seen two words are compound to each other and make a single word for example I have the word sun and another word rise if I combine those two words sun+rise = sunrise so sunrise is also an example of a Compound Noun.

Compound Noun with an example

firefighter, milkman, football, runtime, haircut, bluebird, runtime, smartphone, Blackboard, these words are examples of the compound noun, because it is made by two words. As we know a compound Noun is a combination of two words.

What is Common Noun

Common Noun:- When we talk about places, things, people, animals, or any generic things that we call proper Nouns. In proper Nouns, we don’t talk about any specific company or things or motors, fruit, etc. Here we talk about the same types of Groups of things Comes under the same category called Common Nouns, Compound Nouns are basically three types of Closed Compound Nouns, Hypendent Compound Nouns, and Open Compound nouns.

I wanna tell you what we call a Common Noun, In a Common Noun, the same group of things comes under a common noun, in common Noun we don’t talk about a particular or each thing The word common noun represents the same group of things or come under the same categories, for example, man is a Common Noun because it comes under male members person all male people we called men that’s why it is called Common Noun basically a Common Noun is a generic person, place, or thing. Some Common Nouns include man, woman, teacher, car, and day. some common noun words like Phone, Teacher, Students, and Hospital. Collage, Car.

Common Noun with example

The man is on the phone. Here in this example man and phone are common nouns, why because man is talking on the phone we don’t say which companies phone is but we know that man is talking on the phone and we can’t even say which man is talking on the phone because man is just a man same as the phone is just a phone but we can’t say which phone or which is a man is talking if we could say Enrique is talking on Apple Phone so this is not a common noun because we know that Enrique is man name and which phone he is using. I am giving you some examples of Common Nouns. That movie was scary, Chocolate Ice Cream is my favorite, and that car was nice.

What is Collective Noun

Collective Noun:- A Collective Noun refers to a group of multiple things. In a simple world Collective Noun is called a collection of many things such as many pens, many cars, many clothes, and many friends, Crowed, or batch is also an example of a collective Noun.

Collective Noun with Examples

Collective Noun:- As you know collective Noun is a collection of multiple things or you can say a collection of many things, so a collective noun is about a group of people, or a group of cars, group of students. An Example of a collective Noun is family because it is a group of people that is why it is called collective Noun.

What is Proper Noun

Proper Noun:- A Proper Noun is a specific Name given to a person or place or thing. Such as example my name is Tom, here Tom is a specific Noun because it was given to the man. Some proper Noun Examples, are Mercedes, BMW, TATA, and FORD, Starbucks Cafe, Mcdonald, Burger King.

Proper Noun with example

John, Rahul, Aman, Ferrari, Mango, Banana, America, India, Meera Garden, Harry Potter. Japan, are example of a Proper Noun because a proper Noun is a specific Name. A proper noun is given to a specific company, Man, Work, Or any farm or organization.

What is Concrete Noun

Concrete Noun:- If we can see and test or feel Something with the help of our five senses called a Concrete Noun. A simple word Concrete Noun is just such a thing that we can physically touch, taste, hear, or smell it.

Concrete Noun With Example

Pencil, Phone, noise, music, beg, Bread, Book, Tree, color, and Computer, are examples of concrete nouns because we can see touch, and feel them.

What is Countable Noun

Countable Noun:- Countable nouns are those words or names that can be counted. They may have singular and plural forms. Some Countable Noun are Coins, cupcakes, people, books, car, marbles, room, Resort, Banana,

Examples of Countable Noun

There are some countable nouns examples are, Apple Tree, Cars, Peoples, bottle, box, plate, table, chair,

What is Uncountable Noun

Uncountable Noun:- The noun that we cannot count is called an uncountable Noun. Such as Water is an uncountable noun because we can not count the water. Advice, Sugar, Grass, Heir, Stars, air, knowledge, and beauty these nouns do not have a plural.

What is Abstract Noun

Abstract Noun:- Abstract noun is something you cannot touch, taste, hear, watch, or smell. the love we can not see or even we cannot touch or not even taste or not hear that is why they are called Abstract Nouns.

Example of Abstract Noun

There is some example of abstract nouns such as freedom, taste, love, fear, anger, emotions,

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