Tree Essay And it’s Important

Tree Influence. Trees are a very important part of human life, they serve us with many resources, such as tree has the important role of cleaning the air, and they make the earth’s living place indirectly, Tree has an immense role to clean water and soul, they also clean air, and fulfil the human desire like they give fruit and some trees give us dry fruit. Trees are our best friends they give us fruit and clean air and some trees give us medicine, most of people take trees for medicine use. Trees have a medicinal purpose. Trees help to create a good environment, They also maintain the balance of the earth, From the sun’s rays, Trees have an important role to change the Climate of the earth. Trees are the salter of many birds. They also help to control the population of the earth.

Use of Tree Essay

Trees are used in different aspects of life, in ancient times people used trees and their wood to cook food and get fruit, and most of the villagers still use trees for food-cooking purposes. By the way, trees are multiple use but I wanna share with you Some important points, Some people use trees to create wood furniture, Some people use them to cook food help of wood, and Some people use them for medical purpose. Here are many uses the way trees. Many manufacturing companies use trees to create papers. Here in this Tree Paragraphs, i will show you how you can write a Tree essay in English

Resource of Medicine and Oxygen

A major source of Oxygen and medicine, trees are a major source of oxygen and medicine. Many people make medicinal preparations from the tree branch. Some medicine trees’ names are Tulsi, Amla, Slippery Elm, and Ashwagandha. most medicine plants help humans be fit and healthy. Plants and most trees help to gain the Oxygen of the world, They are the major source of Oxygen. They also maintain the world environment and also keep saving pollution. More than 50% of trees create the Oxygen of the world. if you want to know more about tree essay

Save tree essay

Tree is a main part of human life, They are the one and only resources of fruits. however, it seems that most people cut trees for different aspects of life. my teacher told me that Saving trees is like saving a life, so he said me to write an article save trees essay. Trees are true friends of humans direct and indirect, they give services all the time, They produce Oxygen which is very important for humans breathing. Saving tree is like saving earth. We should have the trees becouse this is the only one source of natural Air.

Tree has always been a vital role in human and earth life. They are the major source of oxygen, Trees directly and indirectly help humans and the earth. I have heard from my childhood saving the tree is like saving the earth. Trees save us in many ways that we can not even think of. Once I was sitting at my home my father said to me write a save tree essay. 500 words three essay paragraphs to save the earth. Trees are a major source of surviving humans on Earth. They give us Coconut Water, Apples, and different types of inbuild Resources. Most of us have played on the trees in our childhood. Trees are the home of Different types of Species and birds, many birds build nests on the tree branches.

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