Tree essay in english 10 lines

Tree essay introduction:- The tree has a huge contribution to cleaning the air. It is a gift from nature. Here I have given you some examples of writing a tree essay in English, how you can write tree essay in english 10 lines essay in English, I have given you 10 line essay tree in English given below.

Tree essay in English 10 lines

  1. The tree is a major source of wood.
  2. They give us fruit.
  3. Trees give us Oxygen.
  4. Many trees give us medicine.
  5. The tree is a home of birds and insects.
  6. Many manufacturers Companies use trees to create papers
  7. The neem tree is the most significant tree for medical purposes.
  8. Trees help to maintain the environment of the earth.
  9. The tree was an ancient source of cooking food
  10. The tree is also a source of fuel.

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