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The Horse Essay For Kids. Horse is a beautiful animal. This is a very old friends of humans. The horse is kind animal towards his own master. It does many works for us. The horse has many characteristics It has four strong legs. He runs very fast. It has a hairy tail. They come in different colours- Brown, black, white etc. Friends in this Blog post I am going to tell you. how you can write the horse essay. Horses have been used by humans since a long time. They have been used by kings and emperors in the world for a long time. In todays modern times, people use horses nowdays in weddings and they also used by republic day of the country.

A horse is vegetarian animal. It eats grass, grains and other vegetables. Horse – riding is a very good sport. Horse pulls cart. It gives us love and affection we should also love horses. It is a very houseful animal. A horse can run for a long times horses took part in wars. Hope you guys are able to understand The Horse Essay For Kids In olden time. We enjoy horse riding. And Ancient time people are used to fighting, they are the integral part of wars on old time. Even today hours servers army and defence forces. Horses are very powerful animals. It can run very fast without any sort of difficulties.

Mostly horse use by humans for different aspect of life. They are used for racing, they used for to carry goods, these are also used in parades. They have been used a lot in wars by ancient kings. The horse has been a important role in history. Horse are loyal and walking till the very long distances. Horse is a vegetarian animal. He eats grass. Horse is a strong animal, you might have heard about Arabian horse, they run fast. You can see them everywhere around the world. Approximately horse can live 25 upto 30 years.

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A horse is a strong animal. It is a vegetarian animal. He eats grass and also, grains and rice. Horse also consider a domestic animal. The horse comes in different size and shapes. It has four feet and two eyes, and also two ears. and beautiful tail. Horse has strong feet. He can run very long distances without being tired. In ancient time horse was vehicle of everyone else to go to one place to another place. You can get horse everywhere in the world in different size as well as shape. Horse is a beautiful animal. One of my friend have a white colour horse.

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Horse run very fast on the ground or even on the road. It is considered the one of the most friendly animal of humans. Horse is a domestic animal. About several years ago people used to keep different types of breed for different aspect. They comes in different colours but especially famous in two colour red & black. We can also measured hight of horse. Some horse height are 5 feet 4 inches. and some goes above of it. Horse is comes in 3 kinds of basic breeds. Ponies, Light Breeds, Heavy breeds. My friends Ponies you might have seen in cartoon, characters. However if you want to read more about horse essay click right here

Ponies are small in Size. These breeds of horse also keeping like companion in home. It means Ponies also keep like family member. They are cute. Ponies are use for different reasons such as riding, they also used for transformation goods one place to another place.

The second breeds of horse is Light breeds. It is clear from the name itself that these are light breeds that comes in light animal horse categories. These are used by humans in different competitions like jumping. Racing, and herding. they have long flexible lags.

The third breeds of horse is Heavy breeds. These breed also knowns as draft horse. They are big and heavy in size. They are tall in size. The heavy breeds pulls the heavy load. These kinds of animal works in fields.

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