Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi

Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Started his political career in Gujarat but. On 26 May 2014, Shri Narendra Modi became the 15th Prime Minister of India. Pm Modi is the first Prime Minister who was born in Independent India. He was born on 17th September 1950 in Vadnagar, a small town in the Mahasana district of Bombay (Now Gujrat). His father Shri Damodar Das run a small tea stall and he helped his father by selling tea. He passed his M.A. in Political Science from Gujrat University in 1980. He was married at the early age of 17 but he did not like to lead the life of a householder. He dedicated his life to Rashtriya Swaym Sevak Sangh. On 7th Oct. 2001, appointed him the Chief Minister of Gujrat. He remained Chief Minister of Gujrat for 13 years Continuously.

Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi

Modi ji is a Vegetarian and leads a Simple life Now the people hope that he will lead the country to peace and prosperity, remove corruption, and create employment for the youth. The Indian people are sometimes called Narender Modi to Modi ji. He is sometimes referred to as Modi ji. He is the most influential Prime Minister in Indian politics now. Modi ji is very popular among the people. Be it a politician or actor or anyone. By the way, Modi ji’s real name is Narendra Modi, he has been the most influential leader from the list of Indian Prime Ministers. Ever since Modi became the Prime Minister, he has been a big face in Indian news Channels, all types of news Channels, whether it is small or big Channels talk about him. Guys, there’s a stadium in Ahmedabad named after Modi Ji, it is a Cricket stadium which is called The Narender Modi ji stadium. This is the largest Cricket Stadium in the world, at the one-time Cricket Matches The seating capacity of 134,000. This is an international Cricket Stadium. Our Prime Minster Narender Modi’s Journey still going on as a PM of India till now in September 2023.

PM Modi Education And Qualification

Modi earlier life was very simple but apart from this, PM Modi completed his master’s degree in Political Science in the year of 1980. He has done MA in Political Science From Gujarat University. But in earlier life PM Modi has done Schooling and Higher, Secondary education in Vadnagar, a small town in Gujrat. But once Upon a time, Delhi’s Chief Minster Asked a Question about PM Narender Modi Degree, to prove this Amit Shah, the Home Minister of India, showed PM Modi’s MA degree to the people, in the Public Domain.

PM Modi Birthday

The arrival of a birthday in someone’s life means a lot to him, and it is even more important for those who love him. The Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi was born on 17 September 1950, The name of his birthday city is Gujarat. He was born in a Hindu family in Vadnagar, Mehsana District, Gujarat. His early life was quite simple, He belonged to a middle-class family. Narendra Modi had to see a lot of ups and downs in his journey from his initial days to becoming PM. He had to work in his father’s tea stall by doing this he used to show his father’s influence in his work. Ever since Narendra Damodar Das Modi became the PM, his birthday has been celebrated by his fans all over the world. As a supreme leader of India and a BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) Supreme leader PM Modi Birthday to all the BJP leaders Wishes him.

PM Modi Retirement Age

Well guys there is no fixed retirement age of the Prime Minister of India, this same rule goes for PM Modi. The short period of a PM is Minimum is five years in India. The Indian constitution there is not mention the age criteria of the Indian Prime Minister, however, someone wants to become PM of India the age criteria in both Rajya Sabha and Lock Sabha should be in as a Rajya Sabha member should be completed in 30 above and Lock Sabha sabha member should be age 25.

PM Modi Movie

A movie was made on PM Modi in the Indian Bollywood industry, The Movie called PM Modi Movie. This Movie was theatrically released in worldwide on 24 May 2019. A shot of the PM Modi Movie before its release on the day this movie released Worldwide a poster. The poster is about and the tag line is written is “Aa raha hain dobara, ab koi nhi rok sakta. It is a market trending Movie that only market PM Modi victory and and their elections. This is a movie to be released in the year 2019. The lead hero in this Movie is Vivek Oberoi. Ever Since PM Modi has been elected in the country, it has happened many times, that he has come live in front of the country. Through his speeches, he come live in front of the people on TV and expressed his views. Whenever he has come live in front of people on TV through speeches, some people liked his speech a lot and some make fun of his speeches, on many Social media platform. Even before becoming PM of india PM Modi live appeared in front of India in many Indian news channels. if you want to read more about PM modi click here

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