Our Country India

India is my motherland, it is a proud country for every Indian. I do love my country a lot. It is my pride. My Culture and my country hold a special place in my heart.

My country India a united country with different religions and cultures. it is a big example of diversity. In my country India there is a variety of languages that people speak, every mile away you can learn new languages in our beloved country India. India is famous for many things among the people in the world like its heritage, beauty of nature, cultural diversity, This country is also good for those people who have found of travelling, they can explore many interesting city all around the India like Delhi, Goa, Mumbai, Uttarakhand.

Our Country India Essay

India is a father of democracy. it is the largest democratic country in the world. India officially declared free from the British and called itself the Republic of India. Geographically India comes under South Asia. it is the seventh-largest country in the world and it is the second largest crowed country in the world after the china. The country of India is a Capable people country you can see here all kind of talented people in every corner of the India. There is so much talking about India, every single years many people write Speech on country India for different, different of reasons. some people write speeches about India about school Collages reasons. Many people write essay our country India and try to describe in there own words and experience.

India Speech

Well India is a big country that is geographically located in South Asia. It is a big and diverse cultural country. India Officially known as Republic of India, if we talk about the Geographically area, India itself is a very rich because it has dense forest and it is surrounded by water on three sides. and above high mountains. There are many rivers all over India to supply water these rivers are major source of water all across the India. The Ganga river that flows in India has a deep connection with civilisation. The cultural Diversity. India is a country very rich in cultural diversity. Many types are offered to you here, people speaking different languages. There is a principle of unity in diversity in India. Everyone lives together in harmony with each other.

Digital India Speech

In today’s modern ear, many things have progressed in countries all over the world. Among these countries, the name of one country comes whose name is India. India has done a lot of progress digitally in India, whether it is a Indian speech or a Phone recharged or even your bills pay such as electrical bills, house rent pay, money transfer for love ones etc. Looking at these things, it can be said that there is a lot do digital progress in India done. for example it happens earlier that if we want to recharged our phone we have to go to the shop for recharging phone but because of these Digital India reasons people don’t need to go to shop. Most of school using digital blackboard to teaching their school student, and The teacher of school give homework to writing Digital India Speech. You have probably seen there are in India many Vehicle manufacturing companies are making electrical vehicle, such as TATA and Mahindra, these types of Companies are tring to making India Digitally. If you want to know more about our country India click here

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