National Space day

On 23 August India decided to Celebrate National Space Day, Chandrayan-3 made done successful landing on the moon, on the year of 23 August 2023. The PM of India Narender Modi along with ISRO Scientists Celebrate Chandrayan-3 Success. The Success of Chandrayan-3 is a big achievement for us, many people and scientists have contributed to Chandran-3’s Success. The same name as the team members and head member of the Chandrayan-3 mission, The head of the Chandrayan-3 mission Dr. Ritu Kridhal Srivastava. Dr Ritu Kridhal is a Senior Scientist of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) And mission Director M Srikanth, K, Kalpna. etc has played a great role in evolving Chandrayan Spaceship. The PM of India Narender Modi Diclarer 23 Aug India will be celebrating National Space Day every year.

National Space Day of India

National Space Day of India:- In the year of the initial steps of India to send the Spacecraft to the moon, it was not easy, but the world is looking at us. 22 October 2008 was the first initial step of India towards the moon to find water on the moon. It was the first time Chandrayaan-1 brought strong evidence of water from the moon. After that Chandrayan-2 was launched by India in the year of 22 July 2019, but it was not very successful because the landing speed was fast that’s why Chandryan-2 crashed. Now India did again after few years ago on the years of 23 August 2023 India was a success in the space mission Chandryan-3 mission. So Chandryan-3 mission was called the National Space Day of India, that is declared by the PM of India.

Chandrayan-1 Mission

Chandrayan-1 Mission:- On the date of 22 October 2008 Chandrayan-1 mission was launched by India. The spacecraft reached the moon and found something that was heading all over the world. Water on the moon for the first time, Chandrayan-1 brought strong evidence of it. The was the Chandryan-1 spacecraft that explored the craze of moon-renewed again. America and China Started sending spacecraft regular basis, and other countries like Israel tried to do soft landings on the moon. Besides this many lunar missions were planned by Japan, Europe, and Russia and it is still continuing. Friends, I wanna tell you that Chandrayan-1 was an impact mission. If you want to know more about Chandrayan essay in English visit.

Chandrayan-2 Mission

Chandrayan-2 Mission:- Chandrayan-2 Mission was panned as a rover mission. When the Chandrayan-2 Vikram lander was preparing for a soft landing it suddenly crashed land, According to the Failure Committee Report Released in November 2019 this accident was caused by a software glitch. There is a patch on the moon for the Chandrayan-2 landing 500m x 500m. The Chandryaan-2 mission is considered to be half-successful, because the orbiter that was sent to on moon with the help of the Chandrayaan-2 Mission that orbiter still working, In fact, it is orbiting the moon to this date.

Chandrayan-3 Mission

Chandrayan-3 Mission:– This Chandrayn-3 mission has done that Chandrayn-2 Could not fulfill, to minimize the risks of mistakes, a lot of modifications have been made. Chandryaan-2 while had to land in a patch of 500m x 500m but this time Chandryaan-3 could land anywhere between 4km x 2.4km area. This is almost 40 times bigger than the last time. Chandrayan-3 Vikram lander advantage Chandrayan-3 carries more fuel because he can stay above the surface for a long time, and the second is a software upgrade in the Vikram lander that he could spin faster if he needed. and last advantage of photos is that Chandryaan-3 will not be dependent on photos for landing. The Chandryaan-3 mission objective is the same as the Chandryaan-2 landing on the south pole of the moon, and placing a rover.

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