My School Essay

My school’s name is GDBL School. It is an English medium school. This school is located in Delhi. My school is about 6th to 12th class. It is very close to my house. The building colour of my school is red. it is a quite big school. My school is 25 year old. This is a very old school in my local area. It is a well-known school in the surrounding area. Many of my family members have studied at this school. This is an ancestral school for me. My school is a very reputable school all people children who read in this school are poor and rich. There are many family members ask me, Is my school essay taught in your school.

My School Essay in English

We have many facilities in our school such as all classroom is Air-conditioner. Big classroom, clean Washroom. and digital Blackboard screen. The teachers and staff members are so friendly. All staff of the school is so caring. My school is about four floors and a very huge Classroom. It has a very beautiful playground along with different types of swings. My School is from 6th class to 12th class. Every class is divided into several sections in the school

My School Characteristics

My School is a very big school. It is a private school. There’s a very big and high-quality School Classroom in my school. English Speaking Compulsory in my school. Section Diversity, my school is divided into many different sections, there are a total of 5 sections in my school. My School starts early in the morning 8 o’clock and Finishes my school at 2 ‘o Clock in the afternoon. In my school, there are many types of plants and trees in my school.

My School Essay Cultural Program

My school organizes cultural programs every single year around the world. My school celebrates Christmas Holi Eid and Diwali Etc. My School is a democratic school that gives value to the student’s and people’s choices. Teachers and students support each other to celebrate cultural programs. I love my school very much but if you want to know more about my school essay you can visit this page click

Teacher Student Bonding

The teacher are well qualified in my school, and relation among children and students are truly good, they guide students towards the education well. Teachers guide student for the future teach then right decision to take for the future. All teachers are very helpful and teach student different subjects on each and every single periods single period.

My School Essay 10 lines

Dear readers, I will show you, how you can write my school essay 10 lines in English. My school’s name is GDBC Public School. It is a Very Big School. There are 25 Rooms in my school. My School Building is about 4 floors.There is a 65 Male and female Teachers in my school. There is a digital board in all my School Classrooms My School is an English Medium School. My School building is very beautiful. The big playground in my school.There is Two big Library in my school. There is a two Private school Buses in my School.

My School Essay 10 lines for class 1

Friends you have to pick the key lines that reflect the character of my school essay. Let’s understand how I used it. See the below lines.

  1. My School is a beautiful school.
  2. It is a big school.
  3. My school classroom is big.
  4. My school garden is big.
  5. my school playground is big.
  6. It is a clean school.
  7. My school library is big.
  8. It is a big two-computer library.
  9. My school teacher is good.
  10. My School has two main doors.

My School Essay 10 lines for class 2

  1. My school’s name is KVN Public School.
  2. It is a large school.
  3. My school teachers are very friendly.
  4. My school grounds are huge in size.
  5. There is two big computer lab in my school.
  6. My school starts at 8 o’clock in the morning.
  7. I love to go to my school.
  8. My school building color is green.
  9. My school’s blackboard is big.
  10. There are a total of 8 periods in my school.

My School Essay 10 lines for class 3

  1. My school building color is Green.
  2. It is a big school with a nice playground.
  3. My School’s name is KPN Public School.
  4. It is a beautiful school with educated teachers.
  5. My school is from 1 to 12th class.
  6. Girls and boys study together in my school.
  7. My school is a very famous school in the local area.
  8. It has a good large lab with high facilities.
  9. My school classroom is digital.
  10. it is an English medium school.

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