My Neighbourhood Essay for kids

My Neighbourhood Essay for kids I am lucky to have a good neighbourhood. I live in Krishna Nagar area. It is a neat and clean locality. Most of the people are qualified. They always take care of one another. My neighbourhood is a amazing place. I have a graete and fantastic friendly nature neighbourhood. In my neighbourhood we have a verity of colours that represent the utility of different colours. My society is a claim places, here is every street is many trees, the street of my neighbourhood is a very broad. The street of my neighbourhood is open two sides. There is a very facilites in my local area like, government schools, hospitals and etc.

My Neighbourhood Essay for kids

Mr. Monis is the president of our society. He is a very nice person. He talks politely. We have a beautiful park in my neighbourhood. During evening time we go there sit. sometime we play and laugh. He talks politely. there is a beautiful park in my neighbourhood. During evening time we go there. Some old persons also come to the park. They tell us beautiful stories. they are like our grandfathers. My neighbourhood is the best place in the city. During Night a watchman looks after the strangers. He protects our area carefully. I love my neighbourhood. I always like to have a good place to live in. My neighbourhood gives me the right choice. I cannot leave this place. This is best place to live in.

My Neighbourhood Essay Short Essay for kids

My neighbourhood name is Taj Colony, it is a small society. I have many friends in my neighbourhood. We have a verity of facilities in my neighbourhood. I have a beautiful park in my neighbourhood, we often play there with our friends. My neighbourhood associated with the Delhi state. I do love my neighbourhood much because, we have a lots of facilities such as hospital, Stores, Markets, etc. And the most amazing this is great people. I am living in my neighbourhood since my childhood. I’am great to have this kind of neighbourhood, because all the people are so helpful each other. I feel happy in my local area.

My Neighbourhood Essay Long Essay for kids

My Neighbourhood is a types of Society, which is located in Noida (Uttar Pradesh) My society name is Taj society. Before moving to the Noida (UP) my society was in Delhi Krishna Nagar. It was also a fine place for me. I live in Noida Taj society with my family and my parents, but my grand parents still live in Delhi. While living her, i used to feel here lonely and alone, but after the several months later, i have many goods friends here in my society. Now i can say this community to my home. Now it feels like being in home. In my society there are different age group of people who live together like a family. My neighbours always smile and greet to each other, and these things showed a unity of each others respects. My neighbourhood is popular among the nearest places, where all people presides good gesture.

Gardens and colourful houses, the garden of my society is very clean and look fantastic. All group of age people comes there to morning. I have a very nice environment in my neighbourhood place. The one thing in my neighbourhood that i admire more that is my neighbourhood playground. If you want to know more about my neighbourhood essay you can click here

My Neighbourhood Essay 10 Lines

  1. My neighbourhood name is Krishna Colony.
  2. it is a crowed place.
  3. There is a good facilities government and private both, like school Park
  4. My neighbourhood is a very nice place and friendly
  5. The street of my neighbourhood is open both side.
  6. My neighbourhood is a claim place
  7. I have many friends in my neighbourhood.
  8. My neighbour belongs to Delhi.
  9. There is a very big and beautiful park in my society.
  10. I love my neighbourhood.

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