My friend essay in English For Kids

My friend’s name is Zuber Ansari. He is my good friend. My friend lives in Delhi with his family. He read in 12th class. He lives near my house. He is a smart boy. He is my school friend and also one of my good friend. I like his habits. He wakes up early in the morning and sleeps early at night. He respects me. He speaks many languages like English, Arabic, and Hindi. He has found different types of shirts, his favourite colour shirt is white. My friend always listens to me, whenever I need him. He always helps me with my studies and my problems. He is a definition of a good friend who supports me always. I proud of him.

My friend has been my best friend since my childhood, we have been good friends each other for a very long period. My friend understand my feeling that’s why i feel he is a true definition of friendship. He understands me and I can say we both have something that attaches to each other mentally and emotionally. My friends respect me and help me. Friendship requires the same mindset of two people that they become true friends. A true friend makes a permanent home in our hearts. In this article you are going to see that how you can write my friend essay in english. Here we will give you introduction to my friend essay.

My friend Essay Short

My friend is a great guy, he loves me as a elder brother. My friend name is Asad, my friend and i we live together in same neighbourhood. Me and my friend Asad read in same school. He is a intelligent boy than me. He is good at education. My friend is a very healthy boy. He is a taller person than me. My friend as a friend, he care me and respect my words. My friend Asad habits is very nice. He is a very supportive person. He is a great pillar of my strength. My friend teach me about the life and how do we ready for the next point of life.

My Friend Essay In English

In this paragraphs you will see the upgrade version of my friend essay in english. My friend is a very cool boy, he dose not care too much about the future. But he always ready to trying good for future. He loves to playing toy. He have a beautiful toys, that he share with me when i go to his home. He is a faithful friend. He prefer to live in home. When i go their home. He always meet me front of the computer. He talks about he want to become a software developer. In this article we will talk about that how we can write my friend essay 150 words. Friend are something those guys or those people who have remarkable impact in our life. They are the positive guys in our life. We get something positive to learn from him.

The best friend have some Quilts that we can say. He is my friend. Number one he always speak positivity. He always stand by us. in dark days and sparrows. He always admire you and those quilts make a good friendship. I remember, when we were kids we were used to go to park to playing cricket. He teach me paying cricket and that’s how we become a good friend of each other. I have a very good memories with my friends. My friend is one such man who has always been with me in my hard times and good times. I do respect him a lot for this reason. He is my friend and a great mentor in my life. He is a relatedness, he is passionate and he is a man of good deeds, But if you want to know more about my friend essay you can visit. My friend is a very hardworking boy who remains positive thinking about their own future.

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