My Classroom Essay For Kids

My Classroom is a very good looking. It is spacious and airy. My Classroom is divided into two parts-one side is for girls students and the other side is for boys students. We have fifty students in my classroom. Among them twenty five are boys and fifteen are girls. My Classroom is decorated with the pictures of national leaders and great men of India. We keep our classroom neat and clean. We never throw and paper-pieces or dirt.Last year we got the trophy for neatness and cleanliness. My classroom is the best part of my subjects in classroom. We sit here peacefully. We study our subjects in classroom. Sometime we get leisure time.

My Classroom, We have 25 benches equally for girls and boys students. The benches of my classroom is so comfort. The teacher of my classroom is very friendly and educated. My Classroom is 75 Sq feet long and width is 20. I have two beautiful doorway in my classroom. Anyone can entry from any gates.

Paragraphs On my Classroom

My School name is JDBC Public School. it is a big school, there are total fifty Classroom. The classroom of my school is very big in size in each classroom there are fifty students. My Classroom is on the first floor. It is situated with the ground. My Classroom have three Windshield and two main door. My School classroom is 90 Sq, Ft. I have a huge Blackboard in my classroom. I have also a one Almirah in my Classroom. The floor or my Classroom is concrete made. In my classroom there is many attractive things beautiful chart hanging on the wall. Colourful backend forth wall. My Classroom is very silence we don’t do much noice. We study in Classroom without noice. My school build in government School. There are total 75 teacher in which 25 is a female teacher and 50 is a male teacher. My Classroom environment is friendly nature. There is a space between every benches in my classroom.

My Classroom Short Essay

My Classroom is a big. My Classroom is a decorated Classroom. We have decorated our Classroom very wall manner. The Classroom of my school is very neat and clean. It is a very beautiful Classroom. We have decorated our classroom doorway with the sun flower. In my classroom we have four fen and six light. We have a fine ventilation in our classroom. My classroom students are very energetic and knowledgable students.

My Classroom Long Essay

Classroom is a place where students get learn knowledge. My Classroom is a place where students come to earn knowledge. This is a such place where students develop mindset and learn something. If i talk about my classroom physical environment, it is a big classroom about 25 benches, in each row there is 7 benches. There is a many facilities in my classroom light always available. There is a big poster on my classroom, the indian heroes like Bhagat Singh, Swami Vivekananda, and many more. We do cultural activities in every weeks. Like sing a cultural song. The lesson of my classroom is quite simple and very adorable, students learn and read lesson very attentional. My classroom is just not a place of gripping knowledge it is a place of emotion. The thoughts of my classroom students are very rare and amazing. The development of critical thinking is very nice. The classroom education system is very amazing and helpful for the students, there is a also group study in my classroom. Somehow if you want to read more about My Classroom Essay please visit the link

My School Essay

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