My City Essay For kids in English

The name of my city is Delhi. My city is also called as the capital of India. This is a divers place of India where you can see amazing monuments, historical landmarks, Mughal Architecture etc. Many People call it Mega City, My city has everything that can be seen in a big city, like big malls, markets, Hospitals, School, Collages, diverse people and a good environment. My friends today I’am going to Show you how you can write My city essay. Delhi is my home town I was born here and brought up here. My family, my father and my entire family have been living here for many years, almost one decades. I love living in Delhi and i have many friends here. I also go to school with him and spend a lot of time with him. There are many historical buildings in my city Delhi. Like Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Jama Masjid. Every yaars Tourists form all over the world come to Delhi to see the Jama Masjid and Other historical Buildings. There is many people come every years in Old Delhi City where they have to writing my city essay, they write many things and click pictures, historical buildings, street, and also write essay India Gate.

my city essay

My City Essay 200 Words

Delhi is my City. It is a beautiful place. My City is my identity. This is the one. And only place, where i have spent most of my life time. My city is a capital of India. I love my city most. The people of my city is very amazing. I like everything about my city. The education system of my city is very amazing. You can get here mostly educated people all around the India. Every year many people come to my city to visit tourist place. There is very beautiful historical Mughal architecture. Beautiful places. Big malls and people are very friendly in my city.

Long Essay On My City

The Delhi city called the heart of India. It is a prime city of my country India. I considered my self lucky that i live in Delhi. It is a historical city of India. There is a fantastic architecture, and amazing Momentum along with diverse people. here you can get anything that is required in prime city. Fantastic people amazing culture, and a very beautiful place to live. The name of my area where i live in Delhi is Saket. This area also considered among the historical places. I Have been living in Delhi from my earlier life. It is my hometown. I grow-up here and i have many friends here. They all respect me and support me in my work. Everyone knowns me here in my locality. The history of Delhi is very old. Because it has been more popular among the people since the Mughal period. A river flows in Delhi which is known as River Ganga. It is a main source of water in the whole of Delhi and it extends to the whole of Delhi. Inside Delhi, you will get all types of goods and commodities at easy rates.

Short Essay On My City

I live in Delhi. This is my city. I born in here this is my home town. I am living here from a long time. The thing that i admire most is people. The people of my city is very amazing and very nice. My city is one of the most expensive places of India. My earlier life started from this city. I have very good friend in my city. The house are very nice in my city. The design is very nice. But the house are not much big. Apart from this the structure of houses are in my city is similar to each other. There are four storied house in my city mostly. The local people of my city is called Dilwale it means (The heart of people) Nowadays on a road there is huge jam got in road because many people goes to their work place on same time. So jam is a very big problem in my city, however if you want to read more about my city essay please visit here my city essay

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