Lohri Festival Essay For Kids

Lohri Festival Essay For Kids. Lohri comes in winters season. It is a kind of Harvest festival. Those states comes under north Indian states such as Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and also part of Haryana and Delhi Celebrate Lohri festival. This festival usually comes under January month. North Indian people celebrate this festival with the harmony. People Celebrate Lohri with the lighting and also with bonfires. In a lohri festival people celebrate this festival in evening time. It is a biggest festival in Punjab and among the sikh community. This is a punjabi folk festival. The Lohri consider the one of the most significant festival in Punjab. Lohari has a diverse name according to the state to state some people called it Pongal. And other part of country such as Andra Pradesh people called it Bhogi and Assam Also knowns as Makar Sankranti in Most part of India.

Lohri Festival Short Essay: Lohri Festival Essay For Kids

Lohri festival essay for kids. Lohri is a beautiful festival. It is a bonfire festival. This festival is popular among the North India places like Punjab. This festival represent the success of crops. Lohri comes in month of January. It is a kind of popular festival of winter seasons. Lohri is a punjabi falk festival. It is a official festival state like Punjab between Sikh community. Those guys enjoy and want to enjoy people celebrate this festival it is popular in Haryana resign as well. Lohri is also celebrate in Pakistan countries and like Canada countries as well because many Sikh community people live in these two countries. Lohri celebrate one day before like other festival maker sanskriti. The date of Lohri determine indues calendar.

Lohri Festival Long Essay Lohri Festival Essay For Kids

Lohri is my favorite festival. I love Lohri festival. This is the one of my favorite festival where i enjoy lot. Lohri festival date changes every 70 years later. it approximately a human life period. if you are in 21th centuries children so you will get Lohri festival every 13th to 14th January. You know what guys in 19th centuries lohri fells in winter season starting of the year January month 11th or 12th January and 20th century it was fall on the data of 13th same days. It is a winter crops season festival. Lohri festival is very much awaiting festival in my life. Where i live in Azanta Society thousands of people celebrate this festival together, they gathered in front of fire. They celebrate this festival singing traditional songs. All communities peoples enjoy Lohri together. Lohri celebration done by the bonfire, eating, getting together and people dance front of fire and enjoy it very happier

Evening Celebration of harvest Success

Lohri Festival is a Celebration of harvest or Crops Success. It is a bonfire festival that celebrate to success of harvest. North Indian Celebrate Lohri in a group. The one of the main thing in this North Indian festival is bonfire. People gathered around the bonfire and Sing Traditional Songs. People like girls boys and mens, they does traditional dance around the bonfire like gidda and bhangra and they sing live song to make the atmosphere of the tradition. People visiting, On the Lohri festival people come to each other home and celebration together. They do the social gathering each other home. They also exchange the traditoanl food and jaggery rewri, and gachak. Lohri festival markes as traditional Sikh Community people festival that celebrate all around the world sikh people with the joy. You can also read more about Lohri Essay in here click right here

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