Easy Elephant Essay For Kids

Elephant is a most adorable animal, It has one trunk. It has two big beautiful eyes, and four lags. it has large size. Elephant is completely a Vegetarian animal. It has two white teeth. The adult males animals standing up 3m, which is something like four fit. in this article you can see that you how we can write elephant essay. The elephant is very laborious animal. It work hard.It is a huge animal.Elephant is a very huge animal on the planet it is a very largest animal. In ancient time elephant is a part of wars. Elephant is a very strong. It can defeat a lion also. It has four strong pillar like a lags. But it loves it master. It like ripe banana very much. It has two white teeth. these teeth are called tusk. it is very costly. Hunters kills elephants for those tusks.

Elephant is a loving animal. But sometimes it gets angry. Then it causes destructions. Elephant should not be killed. it is representatives of lord Ganesha – we should take care of it. Essay on elephant in english if you like this content or if you want to know more about elephant essay how to write then you can click here Easy Elephant Essay For Kids

10 Lines Elephant Essay

  1. Elephant is a big animal.
  2. It has one trunk.
  3. In hinduism it is a representatives of lord Ganesha.
  4. It has two beautiful big eyes.
  5. The lags of elephant are very bigger just like a four pillar.
  6. Elephant has two white teeth.
  7. Elephant is a vegetarian animal.
  8. Elephant lives in jungle.
  9. There is two types of elephant in the world Asian elephant, and African elephant.
  10. Elephant are loyal animal.

Short Elephant Essay

Elephant is a iconic animal on the planet. It is holds special feeling around the world people. The baby Elephant are very adorable and cute. These animal are intelligence and huge in size. The elephant has immense power. In the world history elephant has been verity of uses with the people of around the world. Elephant has unique characteristic in people their mind. The elephants are largest animal. This is a remarkable creature with unique strength. Elephant has their own long Trunk. they also have two ears, these ears are also big in size.

Long Elephant Essay

Elephant are very intelligence animal on the planet. Naturally they are calm nature. Elephant love to live in group. They have a strong bounding with each other. Elephants have been very beneficial for humans since ancient times, they are used for fighting and carry the stuff. Elephants have large trunks, that trunks help to them drinking water and carry the meal to the mouth. In many countries and castes, it is considered to be the study of God and its various forms. According to Hindu culture and religion, they have good luck, intelligence and wisdom, strength. There is a God with elephants head. Elephant lives in wild but most of the people keeps this beautiful animal in the home. The elephants have two beautiful teeth that is called tusk.

Paragraph on Elephant Essay

Elephant is a very cute animal, he lives in jungle. It is a very adorable animal. Elephant is a very claim nature animal. Elephant also lives with humans most of people keeping elephant as a pet dog. It is a wide animal with big size. It is a pure vegetarian animal. It is a pure animal who it only vegetarian animal. He loves to eat banana, Mangoes, Sugarcane and many more fruit. Elephant are found in every country of the world, but in every country of the world where elephants are found, they are different in their size, shape and appearance. The elephants found in south Africa are quite large. They have big teeth which is also called as tusk. It has large and big legs which is looks like pillar. The big size of elephant are about to 9 to 10 feet height. They look like very huge. The average life of Elephant are about to 200 to 150 years.

They are very claim natural animal, but once they angry it is hard to stopping them. They can kill and distorted anything in just a second. The elephant usually get in India they are small in size in compression to African animal. African elephant are little larger and strong.

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