Diwali Short Long Essay For Kids

Diwali is a festival of light. I like this festival very much. People clean their houses well before Diwali. They worship the goddess of wealth – Lakshmi. Everybody enjoys this festival because it is not just for Hindus. It is a festival of all the communities – Muslim, Sikh, Christians everyone celebrate it with equal happiness.Diwali is a festival which unites the people of different communities. It is a festival of brotherhood. people distribute sweets and other eatables. Diwali always comes with crackers and lights.

In India Diwali also called as Deepavali. It is a Indian Festival that represent the victory upon good over the bad. Which is something represent the light day or festival. It is a huge festival of India. Almost all part of India celebrate Diwali. It is a festival of joy represent the victory over the bad. This is a festival of representation that also represent Ram return to home in the epic of Ramayana. This is my best festival and after the Diwali over i get the work from school such as my favourite festival Diwali essay writing.

Diwali Essay in English 150 Words For Students

Whenever we talk about the big festival of India. The name of one festival comes to mind which is known as Diwali. It is a big festival, representation of the light. The people of the India celebrate Diwali with great pomp. The word Diwali is derived from the Sanskrit word which is represent the light. People of India Celebrate Diwali with lamps. People keeps lamps on the door of house, offices, and apartments. According to Hindu Calendar Diwali celebrate in month called Kartika. Diwali is one of the biggest festival of light in all around the world. Diwali is a greatest festival of India.

14 years later, the Ramachandra returned to his home after completing his exile. It is celebrated as a homecoming in Ramachandra Owner in which people light many lamps and walk in white light. As shown in Ramayana. In the epic. It is Ram Fights the king of demons called Ravana, he were the powerful kind of Lanka.

Diwali Essay in English 400 Words

Actually, Diwali is a festival of happiness which is celebrated by people of every section of the society. Often time many people clean houses and live together. People also exchange and give many gifts to each other during this festival. People share happiness among themselves and reciprocate each other. People doing business also consider Diwali as New Year. It is Consider new financial year. Most people in Diwali decorate their house with the colourful fancy light. This types of light decoration represent that, Diwali is a light of festival. Nowadays in modern world, many people celebrate eco-friendly Diwali. I go to celebrate Diwali to my Uncle’s home every years. We carry many stuff like, sweets and fruit. Diwali is always been close to my hurt because i born in Diwali day so i often celebrate Diwali to my birthday as well.

Diwali is a day of festival. It is a one of the biggest festival in the world. Diwali celebrated by the Hindus people approximately five days. The festival comes under the months of Oct or sometimes comes mid November. This is a combination of two words Dipa that means is light and avali meaning is row. If you want to read more about Diwali essay click right here

Some highlights of Diwali Essay

  • Diwali is a festival of light.
  • It is a night celebration festival.
  • We paint every single years on Diwali.
  • I celebrate Diwali with my mother.
  • Diwali is a celebration of Shri Ram return home.
  • Diwali is a one of the biggest festival in the world.

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Diwali Essay

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