My School Library Essay For kids

My School Library Essay For kids. A library is a very important part of any school. We have a huge library. Our school library is full of books. Both course-related and entertaining books are available here. My school’s library is fully modern. It is computerized. Books are issued to every student. They read it and … Read more

Easy Elephant Essay For Kids

Elephant is a most adorable animal, It has one trunk. It has two big beautiful eyes, and four lags. it has large size. Elephant is completely a Vegetarian animal. It has two white teeth. The adult males animals standing up 3m, which is something like four fit. in this article you can see that you … Read more

Lohri Festival Essay For Kids

Lohri Festival Essay For Kids. Lohri comes in winters season. It is a kind of Harvest festival. Those states comes under north Indian states such as Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and also part of Haryana and Delhi Celebrate Lohri festival. This festival usually comes under January month. North Indian people celebrate this festival with the harmony. … Read more

My Father Essay Beginners to Advanced

My Father Essay Beginners to Advanced. My Father’s name is Taslim. He is a very honest man and a government Officer in a National Bank. He started His career early in 1985. My father is a highly educated person, he has done his schooling in their own village, My father after completing school came to … Read more

My Teacher Essay

Teachers always have an important part in human life. My favorite teacher’s name is Rain Foster. She is my class teacher and a caring teacher in school. Rain Foster my teacher lived in my neighborhood, she has played an important role in my life. She helped me to shape my knowledge and also helped me … Read more

My Hobby Essay For kids

Dear readers, I have given you in given below lines my hobby essay. I believe you are a student or you are looking for an article for a my hobbies essay or you are a student of any class, then in this post i have given you this essay about hobby. Although this post has … Read more

Republic Day Essay Azadi Ka Amrit

Republic Day is celebrated every year on 26th January. On this day Indian Constitution was adopted. On this day, the president of India hoists the National flag. A huge parade is organised, at Rajpath. Rastrapati Bhawan looks like newly wedded bride. Jawans of Indian Army. Navy and Air force salute the President. They show their … Read more

My Neighbourhood Essay for kids

My Neighbourhood Essay for kids I am lucky to have a good neighbourhood. I live in Krishna Nagar area. It is a neat and clean locality. Most of the people are qualified. They always take care of one another. My neighbourhood is a amazing place. I have a graete and fantastic friendly nature neighbourhood. In … Read more

My Classroom Essay For Kids

My Classroom is a very good looking. It is spacious and airy. My Classroom is divided into two parts-one side is for girls students and the other side is for boys students. We have fifty students in my classroom. Among them twenty five are boys and fifteen are girls. My Classroom is decorated with the … Read more