Camel Essay

Camel is an animal, it is a domestic animal like dogs, and they are quiet in nature. Camel is a very important ship in the desert. It is a good companion for humans in the desert. people have been using camels for domestic purposes for more than 4000 years. Camels are intelligent animals, And very friendly in nature. The Camel is a tall animal, it has four legs and two eyes. The Camel Lags are long. Camel body skin is different colors such as white, grey, dark brown, light gray, and also black colors. Camel’s Color depends on its physical environment. Today people use Camel For desert safari and many people still keep Camels in the Desert as transportation. I have tried to give you the Camel Essay in a very simple way, hope you guys like it. Camels eat grass and plants and drink water. Camels also store water in their own body. Most Desert countries like the UAE and Arab Countries use camels for Entertainment purposes, they often use Camel Racing.

Camel Essay in English

The camel is the one and only main transportation part of the desert, many people call the camel a ship of the desert. In the world, most countries use Camle for racing purposes. It is a very huge animal. It walks comfortably on the sand. It has a long neck. It has a hump on its back. It eats anything found in the desert. A camel work had for mankind. It also serves most of the countries’ armies who work in the desert. Armies use camel for many purposes. They ride on its back and patrol Countries’ border areas. A camel walks both on sand and roads. It is very useful for desert- people. It has short tails. We should save camels it is very useful to working desert people. Camel never causes trouble to its master. It is a very gentle animal.

Camel Essay for Students

The Camel Essay:- The Camel is a tall animal. it is a ship of the desert. It is one of the most useful animals on the planet. A Camle has four lags. The legs of the camel are very long. It is a Domestic animal. The people of the desert use Camel for different mankind work. The Camel is a source of transportation. Camels are in many countries but most of the largest camels are found in South Africa and Somalia. On average camel life is 40 years. The Female camel child cold Calf. Camels can survive without water for very long days periods. Camels can run faster speed in the desert. Camel skin body Colors depend on the environment but most of us know camel as little gold brown.

Short Camel Essay In English

Short Camel Essay in English:- Camel is a useful animal. This animal is big. The Color of the animal is light brown. Camel are mammals of long lang. Camel has two humps. Camel is a Domestic Animal. It has long hair on top of the head. Camel has two eyes. Camels live in the desert. Camels have one short tail and two big eyes. The Camel is a 10th feet long. Camel can save water and food in his hump. if you want to check out more about camel visit

Long Camel Essay In English

Camel is a kind of ship of desert. It is a tall Animal. The colour of camel are different verity. Some camels are brown colours. Some are Black Colours. Camel has four long lags

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